[思路网注] 日前,贾跃亭亮相美国FF全员大会,并用英文进行演讲。他透露了FF 91及工厂的进度细节,称FF获得15亿美元融资,其中5.5亿美元已经到账。

3月22日上午消息,日前,贾跃亭亮相美国FF全员大会,并用英文进行演讲。他透露了FF 91及工厂的进度细节,称FF获得15亿美元融资,其中5.5亿美元已经到账。

贾跃亭还透露,汉福德工厂已经正式动工 ,所有的长周期生产设备都已经完成下单。为了实现FF 91的量产,贾跃亭宣布FF将进行三项变革:组织机构变革、运营变革、公司文化变革。


Fight to the First

Good afternoon everyone,Thank you for being here.

Today,I would like to talk about the management transformation of our company,in order to deliver FF 91 on time and realize our vision.

We have already achieved some transformational victories,in the first quarter of this year.During restart phase,we have secured more than 1.5 Billion US dollars investment,with$550 Million already in the bank.

We have hired many top new talents,We are even seeing some people realize the grass is not always greener on the other side.And we have welcomed them back through Home Coming Program.We have re-engaged our suppliers at CES and Global Supplier Summit,and we have released a majority of the vehicle parts.

I will share with you for the first time,Construction at Hanford factory has already started,We have ordered all the long lead-time equipment.

And,great news,Shortly after this meeting,you will be able to log in to your Solium account,and see your stock options,We are all owners of FF.

These achievements demonstrate our progress,more than just words–these are actions.Thank you for making these possible

However,we must consider the challenges that lie ahead.You all know that we have a grand vision that is unique.but this year,we must focus on our 5 strategic goals,In order to achieve these challenging goals,we need to transform the management of our company in three ways.

First,we must transform our organization.I believe Strategy determines organization,organization determines success.We will finalize the tier 2 and 3 organization with clear roles and responsibilities,We will rebuild the muscle in key areas through hiring top talents.and give everyone the necessary tools to be successful

Second,we need to transform our operations from chaotic to organized and manual to digital,As you all know,McKinsey is an industry leader in change management.They are working side by side with us to transform our operations to be data driven,process driven and transparent.As an example,we have set up the FF 91 program control tower on the second floor of the big building,Any employee can look at the details and we encourage you to do so.Soon,you will see the cloud based control tower around our buildings.This shows our commitment to management transformation and improve your daily experience at FF

Lastly,we must transform our culture.including how we communicate.I realize we have an organization that has many tribes,Changing our culture is going to take hard work,The change should start from me.

Many of you know,I am trying to improve my English,Many days I wish I could wake up one day and speak English like you do.

That would make me happier than getting$1 Billion US dollars.I am NOT kidding,Learning a new language at my age is a big challenge.But I put in the work because I think it’s worth fighting for,The bigger the fight,the sweeter the victory

That is what our 2018 slogan,Fight to the First describes.Just as we will fight for a better culture.We will fight to get the first of the new species-FF 91 on the road,And we will fight until January first to produce FF 91,We will fight for FF to be the first of a new species to lead the future of mobility

Finally,I want to remind everyone that we must Fight to the First as a team.A quick show of hands--how many of you watched the Winter Olympics a few weeks ago?Did any of you see the team speed skating events?This sport is very interesting to me because is not measured by which member of the team finishes first,but which member finishes last.When the team works together,it is beautiful to watch.

So how does this apply to FF?First,we need to build team chemistry,A team that has great chemistry will always outperform a team that has great individuals,For those teams that are stable,we must find a way to support our teams that have not had time to rebuild their strength.And for those teams that are recovering,you have the full weight of our resources to catch up with urgency

My commitment to you is I will remove roadblocks for our talented employees.so you can each do your part to launch FF 91.In summary,some people–even people in our company– ,would say getting FF 91 on the road by the end of the year is impossible.However,as I told our suppliers,to make a miracle,you have to be a little crazy.Its crazy people like us that make the impossible possible.

Our management transformation starts today.Together,let’s fight to the First

Thank you!



今天,我演讲的主题是公司变革,目标是实现按时交付FF 91。


目前,已有一批顶尖人才加入我们公司,很多人离职的员工也意识到,他山未必比这山高。通过归巢计划,这些人才已经回归我们公司。在CES和全球供应商峰会上,FF了重启供应商关系,并交付了FF 91的大部分零件。

今天,我再公布一个消息,汉福德工厂已经正式动工 ,所有的长周期生产设备都已经完成下单。





第二,运营变革。要进行集中化、数字化改革。众所周知,麦肯锡在变更管理方面是行业领袖。我们已经与麦肯锡达成了合作,实现运营数据化、流程化、透明化。举个例子,我们已在二楼建起FF 91项目控制塔。任何员工都能看到细节信息,我也鼓励大家都去看看。很快,你将看到我们办公楼内设置的更多基于云端技术的项目控制塔。这昭示着我们管理变革的决心以提升员工在FF的每日工作体验。



这正是我们2018年的口号“奋力争第一”(Fight to the First)的精髓。正如我们为改善文化努力奋斗一样,我们要为第一辆FF 91的投产而努力奋斗。我们要坚持奋斗,直到1月1号首辆FF 91下线。我们要为成为首个新物种而努力奋斗。




现在,我对你们承诺,我要为优秀员工剔除路障,确保你们可以“人尽其才”,大家一起为FF 91的量产而奋斗。


我们的管理变革从今日开始。让我们一起Fight to the First!